Beauty Queen - Valentine's Day Gift Box
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Beauty Queen - Valentine's Day Gift Box

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We've got Valentine's Day sorted with this bundle of gifts for your beauty queen! 


Snaz & Thread Heat Pack: Heat pillows filled with jasmine rice and dried lavender buds. The cover is 100% cotton. Heat for: Relief of aching muscles, comforting of cramping & general relaxation. Cool for soothing away headaches and assisting with sprains and swelling. 

Claw Clip: Perfect to hold twists or buns, accent an updo, or to make a half-up look. It's easy to throw your hair up in one of these looks for everyday hair.

Wild Herbary All Natural Sleep Aid: Promotes relaxation and a better night’s sleep as well as relieve cramps and sore muscles after a long day. With highly concentrated magnesium oil harvested from the ancient deposits of the Dead Sea and pure essential oils known for their relaxation and calming properties, you’ll be reaping the benefits in no time.

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