Natural Cures & Remedies

Natural Cures & Remedies

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Author: Silia, CICO Books

Heal and prevent common ailments and maintain a healthy, clean home using herbs, spices, and other natural ingredients.

Did you know that in your own store cupboard you already own the ingredients to heal and prevent common ailments? And that many of these herbs, spices, and other foods are equally useful for household cleaning? In this beautifully illustrated guide, discover centuries-old recipes and methods to treat a whole range of conditions, from soothing teas to settle upset stomachs to simple homemade salves for burns and itchy skin.

There are also natural ways to enhance your health both physically and mentally, with tips to boost immunity, aromatherapy to ease stress and promote relaxation, and easy beauty recipes to care for your skin. Learn, too, how to keep your home free from germs and dirt using all-natural, eco-friendly methods, including homemade floor cleaners, stain removers, and laundry detergent.

About the Author

Silja writes the highly popular 'Practical Magic' column for Spirit and Destiny magazine. As a Wiccan High Priestess, she has led a Celtic training coven in Ireland, where she grew up loving the outdoors and the forest near her rural home. She is the author of The Green Spell Book, The Green Wiccan Year and The Green Wiccan Herbal. The author is based in Arkansas, USA.

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